The Year of better energy future

News | December 31, 2019

The year of challenges and great results, 2019 was unreservedly fulfilled our expectations. Once again we confirm that we are a company that grows, develops, and implements the most modern electric power projects and the multiple investing in human resources.
In the year whose last moments we counting with a special proudly step into another new market EU – Germany and the fact that Elnos family exceeded the number of 500 employees.
Through the application of well-balanced combination of experience and modern trends, we worked towards the one goal – creating a better future of energy. This is a small story about our project steps along the way.
We built a new generation of energy networks (HVDC MONITA) made new steps forward in Iceland – reconstruction of the 220 kV TL Hamraneslinur and begin construction of the largest TL in our “Icelandic portfolio” so far – 220 kV TL Kröflulína 3 (121 km).
We have confirmed our expertise in Sweden through projects: SS 400 kV Skoggsäter, TL 130/50/20 kV Farhult, SS 400/130 kV Porjusberget, 120 kV TL Falköping, and construction of a new 220 kV TL between the SS 400/220 kV and SS Rätan 400/130 kV Länsterhöjden.
We have been part of an important link one of the largest environmental project in the region and the most valuable project of the Republic of Srpska Electric Power Industry in the last two decades – the enterprise of desulphurization TPP Ugljevik.
In the year about to end it is opened the largest wind farm of the Western Balkan Čibuk-1 “power” of a new 158 megawatts of renewable energy, in which we are building power elements where we push the limits of current project management. We have successfully completed the project of introduction of 400 kV transmission line on SS Smederevo 3.
We breathed a new spirit of modern and ancient architecture of cities through the construction of solar power plant at the UAE embassy in Belgrade and installing decorative lighting on the facade of the Banski Dvor in Banja Luka.
We should not ignore the fact that in 2019 we entered the finish of grandiose projects and multi-year revitalization of hydro power plant Zvornik and 7 mini-hydro power plants in Western Serbia.
We have implemented a new and significant project advances in the field of contact networks, among which special emphasis is given to projects of modernization of railways Jajinci-Mala Krsna and reconstruction of the road section from Vuk’s Monument and Kalemegdan in Belgrade, known as the “Green Boulevard”.
This is the year that we will remember for the formation of a resource center in Macedonia, and the growth of the resource center in Slovenia.
We are confident that the future will bring new challenging projects and new successes.
Dear friends, we wish you a successful, happy and energetic, new 2020 year.