Uniplom – Plastic coded – security seal

Uniplom is used for sealing of devices, equipment and objects, i.e. it enables a reliable protection against unauthorized access and abuse of objects of protection. The product was created in order to reduce commercial losses in the segment of electric power distribution. This aim was achieved after only first two years of production and placement of Uniplom, when the use of this product resulted in a significant increase in the control of the distribution and collection of electricity consumption.

The permanent monitoring of standards in the protection of measuring devices, as well as the aim to made Uniplom a top protective device, led to the improvement of the first generation of sealing and launching of two more advanced generation of Uniplom.

Thanks to security features and adaptation to computer processing, this product is widely present in the regional market today, and it is applied in various fields such as electric power industry, oil industry, gas distribution companies, gauging units, but also by other users.