Wind farm Perun – our third wind farm in North Macedonia

News | July 1, 2024

This summer, we added another achievement to our portfolio in the field of wind energy in North Macedonia – wind farm Perun (30 MW).

Wind Farm Perun will span across 51.5 hectares and will feature five wind turbines, each with a capacity of 6 MW.

The scope of work for Elnos Group this time is larger compared to previous projects in the field of wind energy in North Macedonia, as we are entrusted with the comprehensive task of constructing the new 110 kV substation Perun.

Within our operations, we are also involved in building electro-energetic facilities that will enable the connection of wind turbines to the power grid, including the construction of a 2×110 kV connecting power line spanning four kilometers, construction middle-voltage network, and finally, grounding of the wind turbine.

It’s worth mentioning that Elnos teams have played significant roles in the realization of projects like wind farm Bogoslovec (36 MW) and wind farm Bogdanci (36.8 MW) – the first two wind farms in this country.