Elnos originated at “Agrovojvodina”, from 1945, one of the economic giant and a business leader in the former Yugoslavia. “Agrovojvodina” recorded impressive business results for decades, not only in Yugoslavia, but also in its representative offices in major European centres. As a true leader in many areas of the economy, “Agrovojvodina” dealt with electrical engineering too. Intense growth of this field was followed by organisational changes, two being the most significant. This refers to the establishment of specialised enterprises, the first of which, “Metalelektro”, was founded in 1966, from which Elnos emerged, in 1980.

Elnos achieves outstanding business results, by constantly expanding its network of representative offices in the country and abroad. In 1995, ELNOS BL Banja Luka was founded. Since its establishment, our efforts have been concentrated on the creation and implementation of long-term opportunities for growth and development of the company. Through inventive, dedicated, and ethical realisation of the business strategy, we have built a respectable company. Today, Elnos Group is an international contracting concern, a responsible and important member of the communities in which it operates.