Construction of a new substation with GIS plant, Škofja Loka

  • Zemlja: Slovenia
  • Lokacija: Škofja Loka, Slovenia
  • Godina: 2021-2022
  • Status: in progress

The project significance:

The maintenance of the old substation has become too demanding, and the energy needs of the small and picturesque town of Škofja Loka have required a higher level of security of supply from the Slovenian electricity network. The solution was imposed by itself – the old substation Škofja Loka will be shut down in the future, and its function will be completely taken over by the new substation with GIS plant.

Elnos Group works:

Within the framework of this project, the teams of our Slovenian member were entrusted with the works on the reconstruction of the 110/20 kV transmission line outlet at the entrance to the substation and the connection of the substation to the electricity network.
Reconstruction works on the 110/20 kV transmission line have been successfully completed. This stage of work included the dismantling and removal of two old and the installation of two new tubular polygonal transmission line poles, the installation of a safe climbing system, then the installation of conductors, suspension equipment, insulators and OPGW.
The next stage is the connection of the new substation with GIS plant to the electricity network. Within this stage, our team is entrusted with: material supply, dismantling and installation works for 110 and 20 kV connections to transformers, works on the connecting line, then connecting cables and 20 kV buses and connecting signal cables. Within this stage of installation of cable systems, 4,380 meters of 110 kV cable are laid. Nine 110 kV surge arresters, nine 110 kV cable heads, which are mounted on polygonal towers, and nine cable terminations that will be mounted on GIS devices are being installed.