Construction of the solar power plant Bukovica  

  • Zemlja: Croatia
  • Lokacija: Zaton Obrovački, Zadar County
  • Godina: 2022-2023.
  • Investitor: Solar Power Plants Bukovica, Croatia
  • Glavni ugovarač: PVI, Croatia
  • Status: In progress

Significance of the project:

Solar is the favorite in the green transition and the fight for its “golden” megawatts in the EU is in full swing. By constructing the solar power plant Bukovica (6.25 MWp) in Croatia, our teams took a new and major step in this dynamic RES area.

 Elnos Group works:

Within the construction of the solar power plant Bukovica, Elnos Group needs to construct two substations. One substation is 35/0,8 kV PVPMS (Photovoltaic Plant Main Substation), with a capacity of 2,8 MVA and it represents the main link between the solar power plant and the distribution network. The other substation is 35/0,8 kV PVFTS (Photovoltaic Field Transformer Station), also with a capacity of 2,8 MVA.

Our teams have a task to deliver and install electrical equipment for substations, integrate SCADA system, set relay protection system, and test the solar power plant and equipment in the substations. Apart from work to be done on the substations, our teams will also perform installation of solar panels, substructure for solar panels and inverters and will procure and lay middle-voltage and low-voltage cables.