HVDC link DolWin 5 – working at the converter station Emden

  • Zemlja: Germany
  • Lokacija: Emden, Germany
  • Godina: 2022-2023.
  • Investitor: Tennet, Netherlands
  • Glavni ugovarač: Hitachi Energy, Switzerland
  • Status: In progress

Significance of the project:

Ready to respond in transmitting substantial amounts of energy over long distances, with significantly minor losses, HVDC interconnections are increasingly becoming a global energy solution. After Montenegro and Norway, Elnos Group stepped into the construction project of the HVDC interconnection DolWin 5 in Germany.

HVDC DolWin 5 will connect the new offshore wind farm Borkum Riffgrund 3 to the high-voltage grid on the German coast and will be 130 km long. This interconnection will transmit electricity at a large capacity of 900 MW, with zero carbon emissions, which will be enough to supply about one million households.

Elnos Group works:

The focus of our work is on the converter station Emden, in Germany, with an installed capacity of 900 MW and a voltage level of +/- 320 kV DC, where we, as a subcontractor of the company Hitachi Energy, perform overall electrical assembly works.

This is the first time we are performing work on a converter station in the highly demanding German market. The equipment being installed in these stations, compared to conventional AC station equipment, is significantly larger and much more complex and sensitive. Participation in the construction of this HVDC interconnection brought us numerous challenges.

Such projects require a different approach to planning, execution, and monitoring of works.

Our part of the works on construction of this converter station is to perform overall electrical assembly works that include installation of all equipment necessary for its operation, protection and control cabinets, cable trays, and control and monitoring system.

The works also include laying and connecting of MV and LV cables, measurement cables and control and signal cables as well as equipment testing and partial support during commissioning.