Introduction and reconstruction of transmission lines in TL TS 400 kV Karlslund

  • Zemlja: Sweden
  • Lokacija: central Sweden
  • Godina:  2017.
  • Investitor: Svenska Kraftnat
  • Glavni ugovarač: Linjemontage and Grastorp AB
  • Status: Finished

Project importance:
Strengthening Swedish national electrical power network is a task performed by all of its leading electrical power companies and system operators. Central Sweden produces more and more electrical power that national network has to receive. For the purpose of electrical power safely transmits to users, national network of this country is going through strengthening procedure. Elnos Group is a link in this big and significant task.

Elnos Group works:
Elnos Group reconstructed and introduced three transmission lines to new 400 kV substation Karlslund. This was a project covering reconstruction of two transmission lines of 400 kV voltage level and one 130 kV transmission line.
Our works included dismounting and erection of 18 new transmission line towers, electrical installations works of installing conductors and transmission lines into newly-built substation. This is a project in which our teams verified they can successfully dismount and erect gigantic towers weighing between 50 and 70 tons. Project was successfully completed in spite of the fact work had been performed in aggravated conditions and in temperatures that could go lower than minus 10oC.