Assembly of 45/23 kV substation Junosuando

  • Zemlja: Sweden
  • Lokacija: Junosuando
  • Godina: 2016.
  • Investitor: ABB Sweden
  • Status: Completion

Project importance:

Assembly of 45/23 kV substation Junosuando in the place of the same name, which is located in polar circle of Sweden, is of great importance for supply with electrical power within entire circle of this Nordic country.

Elnos Group activities:

Elnos Group performed this project within the contract with Swedish company ABB. During this project performance, expertise of our employees was tested on extremely low temperatures down to minus 30 degrees.

We performed most of the works in the period from February to end of March 2016, and the fact we completed them before the deadline defined by the Investor, despite difficult circumstance, is considered to be our own success in this activity.

Substation Junosuando is the second reference for the Elnos Group in the field of substations in Sweden.