Installation GIS 245/132/12 kV facility in SS “Krafla 49“

  • Zemlja: Iceland
  • Lokacija: Region of northern Iceland
  • Godina: 2017.
  • Investitor: ”LANDSNET”, Iceland
  • Glavni ugovarač: "GE Grid" Switzerland
  • Status: completed

The significance of the project:
Installation 245/132/12 kV GIS facility in the SS “Krafla 49”, within a geothermal power plant “Krafla”, which provided the connection between the 220 kV transmission line from the existing transformer station of the geothermal power plant.

Elnos Group works:
Elnos Group has conducted a complete electrical installation works with the installation of the compressor system, installation of double ground of cable racks and subconstruction and complete testing of substation “Krafla 49”.