Power transformer station 400/110 kV Podgorica 2

  • Zemlja: Montenegro
  • Lokacija: Podgorica, Montenegro
  • Godina: 2010.
  • Investitor: A.D. Prenos Podgorica
  • Status: Finished

The project significance

PTS Podgorica 2 is one of the key hubs for the power supply of central and southern region of Montenegro. Modernization of the power transformer station has a great importance on the transmission system of Montenegro.

Elnos Group works

On the project of modernization of PTS Podgorica 2, Elnos BL has performed the replacement of high voltage equipment in 400 kV facility. The project included the construction and electrical installation work on the replacement of seven new 400 kV disconnectors who were in possession of the investor. During replacing of the disconnectors it was purchased and installed the lacking secondary equipment that allowed the newly built disconnectors integrate into the rest of the transformer, or transmission line.