Reconstruction of 220/380 kV Eiberg–Opladen transmission line

  • Zemlja: Germany
  • Lokacija: Hilden, Germany
  • Godina: 2021.
  • Investitor: Amprion, Germany
  • Glavni ugovarač: EQOS Energie
  • Status: finished

The project significance:

This project has rejuvenated vital parts of the three-decade-old transmission line.

Elnos Group works:

In the city of Hilden, near Düsseldorf, our teams were engaged in the reconstruction of the 220/380 kV Eiberg-Opladen transmission line.
The performed works included the replacement of tension insulating chains and suspension equipment on the 220 kV transmission line Itterbach Ost, the replacement of phase conductors on the 380 kV transmission line Prov. Oerkhaus Ost, adjustment of conductor sag on 110 kV transmission line Benrath Süd. In addition, the dismantling of old and installation of new spacers was performed on all three mentioned transmission lines.

The work in environmentally sensitive areas:

The realization of this project brought with it the fulfillment of special conditions in the field of environmental protection. The ground on the construction site is provided with special synthetic mixtures and so-called “cushions” that protect the soil in the event of oil or fuel spills on it. The area around the towers is paved with steel plates to avoid destroying the grassy areas around the pillars.