Reconstruction of Hydro Power Plant Bajina Bašta

  • Zemlja: Serbia
  • Lokacija: Bajina Bašta, Serbia
  • Godina: 2010-2013.
  • Investitor: Elektroprivreda of Serbia
  • Glavni ugovarač: Andritz hydro, Austria
  • Status: Finished

The significance of the project
Hydro Power Plant (HPP) Bajina Basta is the second largest in Serbia and provides eight percent of total electricity in the country. Hydroelectric power station is the flow hydro power plant, whose concrete dam, with a building height of 90.5 m and a length of 460 m, forms a large artificial lake. In early June 2009, and after 42.5 years of successful operation, stopping the generator X-1, began work on the revitalization and modernization of hydroelectric power station. The result of the four-year reconstruction and modernization of hydroelectric power plant is new, the true potential of increased efficiency, increased energy production, environmentally improved method of production and the extended-life up to four decades.

Elnos Group Works
Elnos Group took part in the revitalization and modernization of hydroelectric power station through all four phases of reconstruction, and in the part of the complete reconstruction of 220 kV facilities and reconstruction of the generator voltage 15.65 kV with measuring equipment. The entire 220 kV equipment (circuit breakers, disconnectors, current and voltage transformers, surge arresters) is replaced, as well as 220 kV bus conductors, insulator strings. We have made the cabinets in the field, mounted and fully tested them, we replaced insulators on buses generator voltage 15.65 kV, completely done new secondary wiring, performed functionality verification of all fields, as well as testing generator protection, and participated in the commissioning of all aggregates.

For a graphical representation:
Hydroelectric power station Bajina Bašta – New power

• 4 revitalized aggregate
• 1,200 tons of the equipment replaced
• increase annual production to 40 million kWh
• service life extended to 40 years
• power increased from 368 to 420 MW

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