Reconstruction of section Jajinci-Mala Krsna, at railway Corridor 10

  • Zemlja: Serbia
  • Lokacija: Smederevo, Northeastern Serbia
  • Godina: 2019–2021
  • Investitor: Infrastruktura Železnice Srbije
  • Glavni ugovarač: Colas Rail and Energoprojekt niskogradnja
  • Status: finished
  • Dužina: 58,8 km

The project significance:

The Jajinci-Mala Krsna railway is part of the international rail Corridor 10, connecting six European states on the route from Austria to Greece. The goal of the reconstruction is clearly defined – to build modern rail infrastructure that will increase the speed of trains on this 58.8 km – long railway section from 50 km to an optimal 120 km per hour.

Elnos Group works:

The jobs assigned to our team involve dissembling 80 kilometers of contact lines on all transitional tracks as well as all the old catenary on transitional tracks and on 25 kilometers of the existing lines on side-tracks, installing new contact line and catenary.
The project’s goal was to complete all four 25/0.23 kV sectioning feeders and seven new 25/0.23 kV tower substations for powering signaling device and heating switches and it has been successfully achieved.
The biggest challenge of the project was assembling new overhead contact line in tunnels Lipe and Beli potok. These tunnels were built before the Second World War. They are 2,5 kilometers long and are of minimal profile. In order to meet requirements for standard height for catenary it was necessary to adjust the equipment and the health and safety level.