Reconstruction of the transmission line 20 kV Logatec-Žiri

  • Zemlja: Slovenia
  • Lokacija: region of central Slovenia
  • Godina: 2016.
  • Investitor: Elektro Ljubljana
  • Glavni ugovarač: C&G, Ljubljana
  • Status: Finished

Significance of the project:
With the reconstruction of the 20 kV transmissions line Logatec-Žiri it is provided safe and quality electricity supply to the users. The necessity for the reconstruction of this transmission line appeared after the weather trouble caused the devastation on it.

Elnos Group works:
Under this project which means reconstruction of the 20 kV transmission line Logatec- Žiri, Elnos Group carried out the installation and lifting of 72 two-system pillars 110 kV voltage level. During the execution of the project Elnos Group teams, have been very successful handled with inaccessible terrain. It is interesting that within this project several different types of pillars have been installed.