The reconstruction of new Railway section Jajinci-Mala Krsna

  • Zemlja: Serbia
  • Lokacija: Smederevo, northeastern Serbia
  • Godina: 2019-2020.
  • Investitor: “Infrastruktura Železnice Srbije”
  • Status: Finished

The significance of the project:
Reconstruction of section Jajinci-Mala Krsna is part of the international railway Corridor 10 through Serbia, 58 kilometers long represents one of the priority projects for the Serbian railway network. ​​Trains speed on this railway section Jajinci-Mala Krsna after the reconstruction will be increased from 50 to 120 kilometers per hour. Before all that, the realization of this project will be providing more reliable and safer traffic.

Elnos Group works:
Elnos Group teams in the context of this complex project have tasks to reconstruct: contact network, the electric substation 110/25 kV, all plants for sectioning 25 kV on this section, and the construction of new tower-mounted substations 25 kV for the power supply and device for signaling.
Our tasks are disassembly and assembly of almost 70 kilometers overhead line, while the 25 kilometers of the existing contact network, also to dissembled old items for carrying and tightening the contact network and replace them with new ones. Completely we also carried out a replacement of electrical equipment at four plants for sectioning and electric substation. Reconstruction also includes construction of seven new tower-mounted substations whose role is to supply signaling devices and heating for crossover.