110/35/10 kV power transformer station Ralja

  • Zemlja: Serbia
  • Lokacija: Sopot, Serbia
  • Godina: 2014.
  • Investitor: Elektrodistribucija Belgrade, Serbia
  • Status: Finished

The project significant

Power transformer station 110/35/10 kV Belgrade 18-Ralja was commissioned in 1982 and supplies the power for Šumadija region of Electric Utility Company Belgrade network through 35 and 10 kV network. This power facil­ity has 2×31,5 MVA of installed power.

New, modern equipment installed in the PTS Ralja pro­vides consumers with significantly higher level of quality in power supply as well as with relia­ble infrastructure, being a prerequisite for fur­ther development of electric power system.

Elnos Group works

Elnos BL Belgrade was in charge of construction and electric installation works on large upgrading of the PTS 110/35/10 kV Bel­grade 18-Ralja. Construction works comprised of creating new cable duct, openings for access to power and command-sig­nal cables and cable sewage, in order to mount power cables into new cells of 35 kV distribu­tion plant. Modern equipment consisting of 35 kV SF6 gas isolated cells, i.e. eight cells, was installed in the PTS Belgrade 18-Ralja. Protection and manage­ment system is integrated system with micro­processor protective devices and substation computer. In the upcoming period, we plan to connect the substation to the current remote station for communication with dispatcher man­agement center.