Construction of 220 kV transmission line Hólasandslína 3

  • Zemlja: Iceland
  • Lokacija: Akureyrija – Holasandura, Iceland
  • Godina: 2021-2022
  • Investitor: „Landsnet"
  • Status: in progress
  • Dužina: 60 km

The project significance:

The aim of the project is to improve energy efficiency, increase transmission capacity and ensure the stability of the electrical grid in the North and East. This project is also important for the transmission system of the whole country because it helps strengthen the link between east and southwest corner.

Elnos Group works:

As part of this project, 184 transmission line towers are being built on a 60-kilometer route. The towers are of the tubular type and their height reaches up to 31 meters, and each tower is so powerful that it replaces the five existing wooden towers. This is about the construction of the second new generation transmission line in Iceland, and at the same time the second one, which was realized by Elnos. New generation transmission lines differ from the old ones in design, but also in durability under the influence of the weather conditions of the northern countries.
Our team is in charge of the installation and erection of new generation transmission line towers and the installation of conductors.

The role of the new generation of regional transmission lines:

Their purpose is to eliminate many shortcomings that make Iceland’s main distribution system’s operation difficult today. It will work at a higher voltage level, ie. at 220 kV instead of 132 kV. The poles are made of steel pipes that are more resistant to storms and ice, which will significantly increase the security of supply.