Construction of Belgrade’s “Green Boulevard”

  • Zemlja: Serbia
  • Lokacija: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Godina: 2019. and 2020.
  • Investitor: City of Belgrade
  • Status: Finished


The significance of the project:
With the aim of creating a more efficient and safer transport, Belgrade has started a new and great project of reconstruction of the road from the Vuk monument to the Kalemegdan fortress. By the realization the project “Green Boulevard”, Belgrade will get a better fluidity of the road traffic, tram flow, organized traffic lanes and channelized throughput, with stress at highest level of safety and better coordination in traffic.

 Elnos Group works:
Elnos Group is involved in works of performing reconstruction of the tram contact network. Specifically, our team on the site will performed disassembly and assembly of the contact network, along the six kilometers. Electrical installation works that will be carried out also include assembly of: 1.74 km feeder cable, an overhead line in the length of 6.07 km, the contact conductors in a length of 1.94 km, and the line for reinforcement in the length of 2.89 km. This part of the works also involves the installation of seven electrical and mechanical tram intersections and a complete system for management and switches controlling.