Factory „Fiat Cars“ in Kragujevcu

  • Zemlja: Serbia
  • Lokacija: Kragujevac
  • Godina: 2011.
  • Investitor: Fiat cars Serbia

The project significance

On the grounds of the former car factory “Zastava” in Kragujevac, FAS (Fiat Cars Serbia) has built one of the most modern Fiat’s factory, which is among the most modern car factories in Europe. During the construction of the new production center, FAS is reconstructed factory plants, built new facilities and has installed the most modern production equipment. One of the most important facts for the reliable operation of the new production center is to provide a reliable and stable supply of the complex electricity at all voltage levels.

Elnos Group works

Elnos BL participated in the construction of the power supply system of the entire complex Fiat cars Serbia, in the part related for supply and build three new plants. It is one of PTS 20/6/0.4 kV 2X10000 kVA + 3X2500 kVA that is used to provide power to energy block and production part of Demi water and two new PTSs 20/0,4 kV 3×2000 kVA + 2×1250 kVA which energize directly the production process. Besides the construction of three PTSs 20/6/0.4 kV, we did adjustment, relay protection testing and commissioning of thirteen 20 kV PTSs.