HVDC NordLink

  • Zemlja: Norway
  • Lokacija: Tonstad, southern Norway
  • Godina: 2018.
  • Investitor: Statnett, Norway
  • Glavni ugovarač: ABB, Sweden
  • Status: In progress

Project importance:
NordLink is an electrical power connection that is to provide exchange of electrical power, acquired from renewable sources only, between electrical power systems of Germany and Norway.
Transfer of power shall be performed by the longest HVDC system in Europe. Interconnection is 623 km of total length between two transformer stations located in Wilster in Germany and Tonstad in Norway.
This is the first capital project to enable direct connection between Norwegian and German electrical power networks. NordLink is a project representing a big step forward in developing integrated European markert.

Elnos Group works:
Elnos Group, being Sub-contractor to ABB, is in charge of electrical assembly works on construction of transformer station Tonstad in Norway. Installed power of this HVDC transformer station is 1,400 MW, voltage level +/- 515 kV DC.
Our part of works on constructing transformer station includes as follows: erection of steel structures for devices as well as towers of lightning system and entrance portal towers into transformer station; assembly of entire equipment necessary for operation of the transformer station, primary and secondary connecting of equipment and electrical assembly works in control building.
This is a big challenge for us, since this is a very demanding project in technical sense for construction of the most modern plant within interconnection to provide creation of integrated European electrical power market.