Oil Refinery Modriča

  • Zemlja: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Lokacija: Modriča
  • Godina: 2014.
  • Investitor: Зарубежнефтестроимонтаж, Brod, B&H
  • Status: Finished

The project significance

The newly built blending complex of Oil Refinery Modriča is a modern plant from new generations, which in the technological, productive and environmental terms, satisfied the highest European standards. The construction of the most modern complex of oil production in this region lasted for about two years.

Elnos Group works

Under the project, Elnos BL was performed the work on the production of low-voltage plants for the electrical drive and production of a general electric installation. These works included the delivery and installation of four “Okken” low-voltage plants for power distribution and motor control (MCC), and then, production of cable installation, lighting, general installation and system for lightning protection and earthing.

As for cable installation in this plant, we deliv­ered and laid 35 km of power and control cables of 0.4 kV distribution. Additionally, we deliv­ered and installed 150 light fixtures for usage in explosive environment as well as general instal­lation in new plant. This part of the project also included lightning roads and grounding system installation.