Power transformer station 400 kV Vietas

  • Zemlja: Sweden
  • Lokacija: HPP Vietas, Sweden
  • Investitor: Vattenfall, Sweden
  • Glavni ugovarač: ABB, Sweden
  • Status: Finished

The project significance

Power transformer station Vietas is located within one of the largest mountain HPP in the world, hydro power plant Vietas. This HPP is among the largest plant of Vattenfall Company, and also represents the second most western hydropower plant on basin river Luleelven. The power of HPP Vietas is 306 MW and produced annually 1,124 GWh of electricity. The modernization of the PTS, which includes the delivery and installation of a new transformer, has been increased security of electricity supply.

Elnos Group works:

Project of modernization of power transformer station Vietas included: installation of high voltage equipment and busbars 400 kV, reconstruction of the inputs and outputs of transmission linesL 400 kV, 20 kV of cable imposition for the connection of generator to the transformer, taking the command signal cables and mounting of cabinets for protection.