Power transformer stations Podgorica 2, Pljevlja 2, Ribarevine and Mojkovac

  • Zemlja: Montenegro
  • Lokacija: Podgorica, Pljevlja 2, Ribarevine and Mojkovac
  • Investitor: Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem AD, Podgorica
  • Status: Finished

The project significance

In order to follow the latest developments in the field of protection and control, it is planned that all PTSs in CGES to equip with microprocessor devices for the protection and management. The expected benefits of this project are reducing of duration of voltage free breaks due to unreliable work, as well as protection and enhance the operational competence of the electric power system of Montenegro.

Elnos Group works

Project of modernization of power transformer stations for CGES includes replacement of relay protection and remote control system was contracted in four substations: substation 400/110 kV Podgorica 2, substation 400/220/110 kV Pljevlja 2, substation 110/35 kV Ribarevina and substation 110/35 kV Mojkovac. Our work includes: projecting,mounting and factory testing of cabinets for relay protection and management, installation on facilities and commission.