Reconstruction and modernization of section Gilje-Cuprija-Paracin

  • Zemlja: Serbia
  • Lokacija: Serbia
  • Godina: 2013./2014./2015.
  • Investitor: Serbian Railways, Belgrade
  • Glavni ugovarač: Siemens, Belgrade

The significance of the project:
Reconstruction and modernization of this section includes the construction of new double-track, electrified railway from new Gilje halt to the entrance to the station Paracin. The reconstruction and modernization will improve the railway facilities in this line section Beograd-Niš, both technologically and by lowering overall maintenance costs. The new railway line is designed for train speeds up to 160 km/h. The total length of this new section of double-track railway line on the line Gilje-Cuprija-Paracin is 10.18 km and single-track line stretching on the line Ćuprija-Paraćin is 6.8 km.

Elnos Group works
Elnos Group is a specialized “Siemens” contractor for Lot no. 3, for the works on reconstruction and modernization of the network and power plants. As part of our work is the reconstruction of contact network, which is divided into four sections: open railway line Gilje-Paraćin, halt Paracin, halt Cuprija and open railway line Ćuprija-Paraćin. In addition to work on the contact network, our part of the work includes the construction of lighting at halt Gilje and reconstruction of the facility for Cuprija station sectioning.

The works are taking place in eight stages through which all contractors must pass, under difficult conditions of constant traffic that can not be stopped, because it shares part of Corridor 10. High risk and short-term switching track with the release of traffic on the new shares are a special professional challenge for all participating in this project.

Photos from this project