Reconstruction of Heating plant Gradiška

  • Zemlja: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Lokacija: Gradiška, B&H
  • Godina: 2013.
  • Investitor: Municipality Gradiška
  • Status: Finished

The project significance

The project “Heating Plant” Gradiška is the first significant energy capacity of district heating based on renewable energy sources in the RS and BiH. This project has brought positive economic and ecological effects, as well as improving the quality and reliability of user suppling.
Also, this project created opportunities for new jobs.

Elnos Group works

Improvement concept of the existing municipality heating system was based upon introduction of biomass as a fuel. This required system reconstruction, in which the existing boiler part is kept, with the total capacity of 11 MWt and the combustion, firebox part of the system was replaced by installation of two separate fireboxes for heating with wood chips, with total capacity of 2×6 MWt. Apart from that, an important segment in the system reconstruction was the establishment of the chain of procurement of biomass, since the logistics plays one of the crucial roles in success of the biomass projects.

Technological solution that was applied in reconstruction of the system in Gradiška was based upon replacement of the existing burners with oil fuel, replacement of one boiler, gasification firebox replacement whose specificity lies in modular construction and this enables getting the most out of fuels such as biomass. Biomass is gasificated in the first segment of firebox, and such produced gas is burnt. This is done in order to inject combustion products with temperature ranging from 1.200 to 1.300oC. High degree of automation and complete control of all parameters of the process enables the conditions in the boiler similar to those in which the boiler has high degree of system efficiency while burning the oil fuel.