Reconstruction of transmision line 2×110 kV Banja Luka 6-Prijedor-Knežica

  • Zemlja: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Lokacija: Banja Luka and Prijedor, northwest of B&H
  • Godina: 2018.
  • Investitor: „Elektroprenos BiH“, Banja Luka

The significance of the project: The reconstruction of the transmission line 2 x 110 kV Banja Luka 6 Prijedor -Knežica represents a continuation of the reconstruction projects of transmission network from a large investment cycle, of our long-standing partner, Elektroprenos  BiH.  This is a project that will in the future provide long-term supply security and stability of the Potkozarje and the Banja Luka region.

Elnos Group works: Elnos teams in this project replaced the earth wire with OPGW at two sections with a total length of 34.5 kilometers. In addition, we have done works of rehabilitation of phase conductor and the insulation replacement. This is a project in which we replace the insulation and final compression coupling screws on poles at the complete transmission line 54 kilometers long.