Smart City Novi Sad

  • Zemlja: Srbija
  • Lokacija: Novi Sad
  • Godina: 2012./2013.
  • Investitor: Elektrovojvodina, Novi Sad
  • Partner: Schnieder-Electric, IPM-Automatika, Telvent DMS, Južna Bačka, Tehnounion i E-control
  • Status: završeni radovi

The project significance

Smart City Novi Sad is the first realized project of this type not only on the territory of Serbia but in its environment as well. This technology includes integration of system with the possibility of digital data processing and communication systems into electroenergetic system, which enables the flow of information, remote command and reading, as well as centralization inside “Smart Grid” elektroenergetic network.

Elnos Group works

The project actually represents a comprehensive introduction of “Smart Grid” technology on the territory of Novi Sad, within the Elektrodistibucija Novi Sad (branch of Elektrovojvodina).

Elnos BL Belgrade had an extremely important role in this project, which includes whole projecting of electroenergetic part, project and site management, as well as commissioning the remote transmission utilities.

What is specific in this system is that MV and HV SCADA systems are integrated into the DMS platform. This enables obtaining better possibilities during supervision and management of electroenergetic system, better insight and control over the flows of energy and decrease of average annual time that consumers spend without supply with electric energy. Thus, it is about technologies that enable offering higher quality of service to consumers.