The production plant of “Calcit Lika”

  • Zemlja: Croatia
  • Lokacija: Gospić
  • Godina: 2017.
  • Investitor: Calcit Lika
  • Status: Finished

The significance of the project: Due to the expansion of production company “Calcit Lika” invested in the construction of a new plant for the production of wet fillers and pigments. With new investment factory has doubled the annual production of milk calcite, which is a valuable raw material factor in the paper making industry. Factory “Calcit Lika” in Gospic began with operations six years ago and in this short period has realized significant market steps out. Mainly its sells products to customers at the EU market.

ENS works: For the construction of a plant for the production of wet fillers and pigments in the factory “Calcit Lika” it was necessary to provide for its own energy supply from 36kV in the distribution network. This is the task of our ENS team who carried out the electrical installation 36 kV network and industrial substations. Construction teams ENS entailed the installation and maintenance of transformers, MV cable lying, and support in the form of performing of constant small electrical installation works in the factory.