Thermal power plant and mining Kostolac, Serbia

  • Zemlja: Serbia
  • Lokacija: TE Kostolac
  • Godina: 2012.
  • Investitor: PD Termoelektrane and kopovi Kostolac
  • Status: Finished

The significance of the project

The project is being completed with the aim of replacement of the existing distance protection with modern digital protection.

Elnos Group works

The project includes: replacement of distance protection in six transmission lines bays 110 kV in the transmission line ring of mine Drmno and equipment installation in 110 kV transmission line bay in the substation Rudnik 2.

For modernization of power transformer station 110/6.3 kV in the ring of Kostolac power plants the following solutions were foreseenČ

1.Because transmission lines are short between the substations 110 kV in the ring of Kostolac power plants, the decision is to install longitudinal differential protection on all lines, due to higher reliability and selectivity of protection.

2. Installation of primary equipment and protection devices in PTS 110/6.3 kV Rudnik 2 on the existing transmission field DV 1128/2.

3. Expansion of the capacity of substation 110/6.3 kV Rudnik 2 Volume of expansion is construction and installation of transmission field 110 kV DV C1 – direction Rudnik 1.