A new energy point in the heart of Sweden

News | September 18, 2020

The teams of the Elnos Group have started the realization of another important project in the heart of Sweden – the construction of a 420 kV substation Norrtjärn.

The new substation will play an important role in connecting the new wind farm to the country’s electricity grid in the future.

Teams of Elnos Group have carried out works at the 420 kV side of a new substation, which will later be connected to the existing 420 kV transmission line.

Elnos teams perform electrical installation works on a 420 kV switchyard, two transmission lines as well as two transformer fields.

Our teams will perform the assembly of the steel structure for HV devices, the installation of HV devices, the construction of primary connections, the installation of portal pillars, the installation of busbar and busbar supports, and the construction of grounding.

After the completion of the works in the substation, our transmission line team will cut the existing transmission line and connect it to the substation.

The investor of the project is the company Svenska Kraftnät, and the main contractor is the company Omexom  Sweden.

By the realization of this project, Elnos Group once again confirms our importance in the creation of a strong energy network of this country. The deadline for the completion of the works is the beginning of April, in the next year.