Elnos BL Skopje-new power for future developments

News | September 13, 2019

Our member Elnos BL Skopje, in the year before the celebration of a decade of work, realized a significant step forward. The company has enriched with the work experience and knowledge of three engineers and 24 electrical fitters, which has formed a resource center ready for the realization of new business ventures.
The new resource center is extra tailwind for a stronger market position not only in North Macedonia but also in other markets of Elnos Group.
We are proud to point out that Elnos Group in this country occupies one of the leading position, acquired the realization of projects that improve the safety and stability of its power system.
Among the leading companies in this market, we are positioned projects such as participation in the construction of a wind farm Bogdanci, the first wind farm in the country, the reconstruction of the 110 kV Skopje 1-Kumanovo 1, the installation of more than 450 km of OPGW on transmission lines voltage level of 110-400 kV.
This summer we were again placed in the focus of power topicality in this market. Our teams are engaged in the construction of a new 2×110 kV connector for SS Neokazi and relocation of 400 and 110 kV TL along the highway section of Sv. Nikole-Štip-Kostani.
So far, the achieved results are considered as stimulants for continue implementation of new projects which results will be seen in in the construction of a modern, efficient and secure electricity system of this country.