In service of the Štip-Kočani highway construction

News | February 12, 2021

The construction of a new strategically important section of the A3 highway, from Štip to Kočani, in Macedonia has placed new demands on the electricity infrastructure. This important road will intersect at two places with the existing 110 kV transmission line, which imposed the necessity to relocate it. Our Macedonian member is an important part of this project.

Our Macedonian teams are disassembling two existing transmission line towers and installing six new tension transmission line towers at two locations of the intersection of the 110 kV transmission line at the future highway.

In addition to this, our teams will, almost within the entrusted part of the work, completely independently realize the complete civil phase of works.

The realization of this project, among other things, implies compliance with specific regulations in the field of aviation regulations for transmission lines that intersect at highways.

The new transmission line towers will be taller, and our teams will, under the mentioned regulations, paint the new towers, place the signal balls for marking between them, and install signal lamps, which will mean full fulfillment of all the aviation agency regulations.

Despite the pressure of deadlines, which must not jeopardize the continuation of the construction and the adverse weather conditions that characterize the change of snow, rain, and wind, our fieldwork is progressing with a good schedule.

One of the aggravating circumstances for our team on the field is the porous soil. Namely, this region is good for rice cultivation; the soil is loose and very moist, so at the locations for works are difficult to access.

The construction of the new section of A3 highway is of great importance for the eastern part of the country because it will achieve a better and more efficient transit infrastructure and communication of the country with Serbia. The project is funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The investor of the project is the Public Enterprise for state roads of Macedonia. According to the previously adopted plan, the project of relocating the transmission line section should be realized by the middle of this year.