The finish is on the horizon – solar power plant Bukovica

News | March 21, 2023

The construction of the solar power plant Bukovica (6.25 MWp) is a project whose realization marked us in Croatia’s solar market. This spring, the works on this project entered the finish line.

Despite the weather conditions that did not favor our teams in the past months, the construction of the Bukovica makes rapid progress.

“The construction of SPP Bukovica was not hindered even by storms or inaccessible karst terrain. The assembly structure on which the solar panels are installed is designed for winds of 40 m/s, and according to the Beaufort scale, that is the speed characteristic of hurricanes. This information describes how extreme the working conditions were. Despite this, our teams have done a significant job here in the past months,” said Zorana Ninković, an engineer in the Infrastructure Division of Elnos BL.

As part of the construction of the SPP Bukovica, our teams install solar panels, their substructures, and inverters, as well as lay middle-voltage and low-voltage cables.

Elnos Group was entrusted to construct two substations. One substation is 35/0,8 kV PVPMS (Photovoltaic Plant Main Substation), with a capacity of 2,8 MVA. It represents the main link between the solar power plant and the distribution network. The other substation is 35/0,8 kV PVFTS (Photovoltaic Field Transformer Station), also with a capacity of 2,8 MVA.

Our teams have a task to deliver and install electrical equipment for substations, integrate SCADA systems, set up relay protection systems, and test the solar power plant and equipment in the substations.

The work of our teams started last July and according to the planned dynamics, it should be completed in May this year. Elnos Group will confirm a new level of operability and additionally strengthen the portfolio in the field of renewable energy sources and solar energy.