A new classroom as Elnos Group’s gift to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

News | December 9, 2022

The students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering can now use a new and modernized classroom, an adaptation of which was performed with the support of our company.

Zoran Đurić, the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banjaluka, Branko Torbica, the Vice-
President of Elnos Group Board, representatives of Elnos Group and numerous professors, students and guests participated in the opening ceremony.

“It is our great pleasure to have another of our classrooms reconstructed and opened for work. This adaptation was performed with the support of Elnos Group, which has been our friend for many years back and with whom we have excellent cooperation”, said Đurić on this occasion.

Adaptation of this classroom was a very special and creative task for our Group. Upon its completion, the space started shining with new splendor.

After the opening ceremony, Marko Mijić, Elnos Group Board Member for Technical Affairs, said that Elnos Group had participated in this project with great enthusiasm, guided by the idea that the expansion of the power of knowledge is the only way to a prosperous future.

“Elnos Group is a proven friend of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banjaluka. Realization of this project is just another way of us supporting the institution that provided higher education for a significant number of our professionals.  We remain committed to providing adequate learning and working conditions for the students, through projects such as this one, since that is one of the prerequisites for them to stay in the country and see an opportunity for work in local companies”, said Mijić.

In the future, our Group will continue cooperating with higher education institutions through both, financial support for their activities and specially designed summer training projects, along with scholarship and mentorship programs and many other manners of cooperation and support.