A new project in S. Macedonia

News | June 1, 2023

This spring brought us the start of a new important project in North Macedonia – the reconstruction of the 110 kV transmission line TL Veles-TS Ovče Polje in the very center of this country.

The transmission line TS Veles-TS Ovče Polje was built more than 50 years ago, and then concrete-reinforced towers were installed along its entire 21-kilometer route. Decades ago, the modernization of this transmission line took place spontaneously, which is why today, out of a total of 83 towers on this section, 59 remain concrete.

With the reconstruction, where our company is a part, all concrete towers will be demolished and replaced with new, steel-lattice ones. The teams of Elnos oversee the procurement of equipment and construction of new towers. Currently, 15 of our fitters are engaged in the implementation of this project, while at the peak of the work, their number will rise to 35.

“Disassembly of the transmission line that was built decades ago and demolishing the concrete towers is a challenge in itself and the work at that stage will require effort and precision so that the damage of the demolition would be minimal. We will have to be careful because the transmission line stretches over agricultural land, so we will organize the work in a way to minimize the bad impact on the crops,” said Martin Spasovski, technical director of Elnos S. Macedonia.

The reconstruction of this transmission line is a project of great importance for the future stability of the power supply in the region of Sv. Nicholas and Veles. Its implementation will create a new level of security of supply and ensure the efficient integration of new renewable energy sources into the system.

The investor of the project is the Macedonian Electric Power System Operator (MEPSO). According to the previously adopted dynamics, the project should be realized by November of this year.