A new project of Elnos Group in Germany

News | June 8, 2020

Shortly after the first completed project in Germany, where we were part of the construction of the 380 kV transmission line Audorf-Flensburg, the teams of the Elnos Group start the realization of a new task in this country.

In the town of Hilden, in the vicinity of Dusseldorf, we have started the reconstruction of parts of the 380 kV transmission line St. Peter Nord and the 220 kV transmission line Itterbach West.

The equipment at both transmission lines is more than four decades old, and our teams are performing the replacing the phase conductors works, insulators and suspension equipment at the St. Peter Nord TL, also the replacement of insulators and suspension equipment at the Itterbach West transmission line.

The projects are carried out in urban zones, and working in them implies a series of special steps and measurements in the field of safety and protection at work. Due to the current conditions dictated by the work during the pandemic, these measures are even stricter.

The working zone is fenced, and our teams at the site have to respect the strict measurements of keeping the allowed distance, to perform work without grouping workers, and to apply other measures to protect the population and the environment.

According to the agreed dynamics, the deadline for the completion of our part of the project is the end of July this year. The investor of the project is the German company “Amprion”, while the main contractor is the company “EQOS Energie”.