Grid balancing as the biggest current challenge

News | March 17, 2022

The development of renewable energy technology is the future of energy, and balancing the electricity network is one of the biggest current challenges for our region, said Borko Torbica, Executive Vice President of Elnos Group at this year’s Trebinje Energy Summit – SET 2022.

“The formation of balancing capacities that can take over the excess produced energy puts technologies such as: battery systems, hydrogen plants and systems for storing electricity into kinetic energy,” said Torbica.

On this occasion, he emphasized that decarbonization is an imperative of modern energy.

“Elnos Group is a driver of energy development and decarbonization trends. Thanks to our experience so far and the realized investments, it is certain that we can bring the most modern technical solutions and innovations in this area to our country,” he said.

Torbica reminded of the Paris Agreement from 2015, which states that by 2050, it is necessary to replace fossil fuels with alternative forms of energy.

Elnos Group has long ago recognized the opportunities that renewable energy sources bring with them and for years has been an actor in projects that have changed the green map of the region and Europe.

“HPP Dabar, modernization of HPP Zvornik, construction of HPP Búrfell 2, construction of wind farm Bogdanci, Čibuk 1 and Krivača, designing solar power plant Morgavel, and Aqua project show that we can be a great partner to national power companies”, concluded Torbica at the end of the Elnos Group presentation within the Summit.

For the third year in a row, Elnos Group was the general sponsor of the Energy Summit in Trebinje, which brought together leading energy experts with topics focused at promoting new directions of energy development in the region.