Construction of the substation Olingan in Central Sweden

News | April 13, 2021

The teams of the Elnos Group are successfully performing the final works on the construction of the 130/400 kV substation Olingan in the central part of Sweden. The new substation, with an installed capacity of 360 MW, will play an important role in connecting the region’s wind farms to the country’s electricity grid.

As a 400 kV voltage level, SS Olingan certainly represents an important stronghold in the country’s transmission system.

It consists of two 400 kV transmission lines fields through it connects the substation to the 400 kV transmission network on the principle input-output and one transformer field through which it provides the connection with the transformer 400/130 kV which is connected to the 130 kV transmission network.

Our teams were performed tasks in all three mentioned fields.

Elnos teams have done a significant part of this project so far, which included assembling of the steel structure of the central portal, and assembling HV equipment: steel structures for supporting insulators, current and voltage measuring transformers, as well as making earth connections and all primary connections including connection to the transformer.

The project has entered the finish and our teams are currently performing works at connecting HV structures and HV devices for the grounding.

Finishing the works on the construction of the substation, our teams overcame the challenges of working at temperatures that reached 33 degrees Celsius below zero, and they will certainly not forget part of the work related to the installation of beams on the central portal, which was performed with a large crane with a lifting capacity of 85 tons.

Following strict Swedish environmental regulations, great efforts were made to maximally preserve the environment of this climate and reduce any possibility of water, air, and soil pollution in the field.

As part of this project, Elnos Group reaffirms the importance of being a participant in the construction of infrastructure capacities for energy from renewable sources in this country.

The investor of the project is the company Svenska Kraftnät, and the main contractor is Omexom Sweden.