Despite the pandemic, work on the factory Calcit entering the finish line

News | April 30, 2020

The teams of “Elektro novi sistemi our Slovenian member, have successfully stepped into the final phase of electrical installation work at the Calcit factory in the Netherlands, despite the dominant pandemic of COVID 19.

Within this infrastructure project “Elektro novi sistemi”, were entrusted works, which included three stages: the production and installation of electrical cabinets, the execution of works that will provide power to the plant, and the procurement and installation of ventilation systems.
Within this project, the teams of “Elektro novi sistemi” have installed high-voltage connections from the distribution network, together with the MV block and power transformers, and connected the energy switch cabinets to all control connections.

33 electrical cabinets were built into the facility, produced in the electrical installation workshop of Elnos BL Banja Luka.

We are particularly proud that these products have recently been awarded with the prestigious CE mark about the compliance of products with the requirements of the European directives concerning product safety as well as environmental protection.

In addition to all protection measures, installation works is currently carried out at the ventilation and air conditioning system.

This is the third Calcit factory in the Netherlands which will be connected to the electricity grid at the beginning of May, after it will start operating.
For our Slovenian member, this project is a confirmation of the client trust, “Calicit” Slovenia, for which we were previously implemented several projects at their factory in Gospić.