Dynamically on the project SS Rudnik in TPP Stanari

News | August 20, 2021

This summer, the teams of Elnos BL are working on the construction of a modern 6/35 kV substation Rudnik according to the “turn-key” system, for the needs of the mine Raškovac, which is one of the primary lifelines of “EFT-Rudnik and TPP Stanari”.

This week, our teams stepped into the finish of the realization electrical installation phase of works after completing the complex work of assembling and connecting two power transformers (each with a power of 8 MVA) and medium voltage 35 kV and 6 kV facilities.

They also completed the installation of AC and DC electrical distribution cabinets and communication RACK cabinet, which part was manufactured in Elnos’ electrical mechanical workshop, and performed a general installation according to the requirements of the TPP Stanari. Our teams also performed parameterization, adjustment, and testing of relay protection, as well as testing of complete delivered equipment.

It is important to point out that within this project, our teams laid about 17 kilometers of MV and LV and optical cables and made the connection of the newly designed substation to the existing SCADA system. In the following period, their works will include detailed testing of electrical equipment, testing of relay protection, and preparation for the commissioning of the substation.

Let us remind you that the tasks entrusted to Elnos BL within this project include: design of the main project, procurement of equipment, execution of construction and electrical works, testing, and commissioning of the substation.

With the construction of this substation, the Raškovac mine will get all the preconditions for creating a complete system of electricity production for its own needs with TPP Stanari.

Further, in the future should lead to the interruption of its supply from the electricity network of Republika Srpska.