Elnos at the biggest infrastructural task of Montenegro

News | May 15, 2020

The demanding combination of work in inaccessible geographical conditions of Montenegro, together with the pandemic COVID 19 situation, this spring Elnos teams did not stop from building a new transmission line system that will serve the power supply of the Smokovac-Mateševo section on the new Bar-Boljare highway.

The transmission line system we are working on consists of the following transmission line routes: 2×110 kV TL Podgorica 1-Mrke and Podgorica 1-Tuzi, 110 kV TL Podgorica 1-Mrke, 110 kV TL Podgorica 1-Tuzi and 110 kV TL Mrke-Trebješica “Izlaz”.

Within this project, our teams are in charge of the procurement of materials, installation, and lifting transmission line towers, electrical installation, and construction works.

Currently, we are actively performing field construction, installation, and lifting of transmission line towers in the field.

Working in the mountainous conditions of Montenegro, due to the inaccessibility of the terrain and climatic conditions, it always brings many challenges with it. This time, our teams at the field, built a network of new and adapted many existing access roads, intending to complete everyday tasks.

Our teams have to show their efficient and practical side in the parts of the project where the transmission lines intersect with the river Morača, and at the intersections with the main road Podgorica-Kolašin and the railway Belgrade-Bar.

This is a project within which we will make a minor adaptation of the TL 400 kV Podgorica 2- Ribarevina.

Realization of the project the construction of a new transmission line system is one in a series of segments in the largest strategic infrastructure venture in the modern history of Montenegro – construction of the highway Bar-Boljare.

The investor of the project is the company “Monteput” from Podgorica, and the deadline for the completion of works is the end of September, this year.