Elnos at the new ecological task in RiTE Ugljevik

News | June 19, 2020

After the successful completion of works within the construction of a system for desulphurization of flue gases in RiTE Ugljevik, our teams began the implementation of a new project as upgrades of this large ecological system.

We are part of the project of introducing a new system of conveyor belts for the disposal of gypsum and ash – as a byproduct of the desulphurization process.

We have been entrusted with the task, as a subcontractor of the Slovenian “Rudis”, to provide electricity supply to the conveyor belts.

Elnos Group procures and installs five BIOSCO CS transformer stations 6/0,4 kV, manufactured in our factory in Belgrade, nominal power 1×160 kVA, 2×250 kVA, and 2×630 kVA, together with MV and LV cables, and equipment for supply and control conveyor belts.

With this project, we also install optical connections that are important for the implementation of remote control systems for conveyor belts.

Being a part of the implementation of the conveyor belt system in RiTE Ugljevik was settled in front of our team a specific requirement that refers to the maximum respect for the synchronization of work dynamics. To avoid affecting the regular operation of the thermal power plant.

The investor of the RiTE Ugljevik project expects that the conveyor system will be in use by the end of the year.