Elnos Nordic – A decade of success

News | March 2, 2022

Ten years of work of Elnos Nordic is a very significant jubilee for our Group this year. We made our first steps on the international market in Sweden, and today we are proud of the realization of more than 70 projects in this country.

The Swedish energy market is one of the most advanced in the world, and our teams have proven from the beginning that they are able to build and modernize even the most complex facilities and systems of electricity infrastructure.

Last year, our Group sent more than 160 employees to implement power engineering projects throughout Sweden. The data on the number and type of references best shows how successful our company is in the country where we a decade ago got a foot in the door while carrying a big dream.

Many Nordic power companies know Elnos Nordic, a company based in Vasteras, as a reliable and professional partner that always strives to exceed their expectations.

While considering a huge number of projects that Elnos Group and Elnos Nordic have implemented so far in this Nordic country, we are especially proud of the following achievements: TL 420 Hurva-Sege, TL 420 kV Hallsberg-Barkeryd (Southwest Link 2), TL 2×130 kV Storfinnforsen-Ogonfagnaden-Isbilltjarn, and 2×130 kV Barkeryd-Nässjö.

In the field of substations, the most significant undertakings are: SS 130 kV Stävlö and Linsänkan, SS 420 kV FT76 Barsebäck, SS 130 kV Porjusberget and the project “Aqua” which includes three 130 kV substations Ersbo, Tuna and Öby.

According to Nenad Vukomanovic, technical director of Elnos Nordic, projects in Sweden are more demanding every year. He also stated that thanks to the expertise and experience gained in this market, our Group has successfully ranked among the highly professional contractors who implement the most demanding projects side by side with leading European and multinational companies.