Elnos Serbia on mission of constructing Wind Park Krivača

Vijesti | November 26, 2021

This autumn, Elnos Serbia teams intensively perform works within new RES project – construction of Wind Park Krivača (103 MW) in East Serbia.

Within this endeavor, by the end of this and during upcoming year, our company shall perform construction of important electrical power facilities thanks to which the energy produced in future Wind Park Krivača shall be delivered to 110 kV electrical power network.

Elnos Serbia is engaged as the Main Contractor for constructing Balance of plant – BoP, as well as for connection of this wind park to transfer network in the first phase of the project.

These works include construction of 13 km of roads, 33/110 kV transformation facility “WPP Krivača”, expanding of two existing 110/35 kV substations – Veliko Gradište and Neresnica, as well as laying 10 kV cables for powering in-house plant of the future connection-distribution plant (PRP) 110 kV Krivača. In the frame of the construction project of these facilities, Elnos Group teams shall be included in all work phases.

Krivača is the first wind park in Serbia established South of the Sava and Danube rivers. . Area of the future wind park covers areas of three regional municipalities – Golubac, Kučevo and Veliko Gradište.

There will be 22 wind turbines of 4.8 MW built in the wind park, whose maximum height shall be 180 meters.