ENS Slovenia has expanded its services portfolio

News | June 15, 2021

By applying practical knowledge and top technologies, our Slovenian member has expanded its portfolio in the field of transmission line diagnostics. By measuring vibrations on the 2 × 400 kV transmission line Beričevo-Okroglo, the ENS Slovenia team is currently realizing work in this area for the first time in this domain.

Wind gusts are among the biggest enemies of the conductors’ durations, and one of the most important methods developed to prevent this devastating impact is precisely in the focus of our Slovenian teams.

Namely, for a longer lifespan of conductors, maintenance is the most important, and the first steps in the field of transmission line maintenance include diagnostics of their condition.

The realization of diagnostic work on the 2×400 kV transmission line Beričevo-Okroglo represents the great importance of the confirmation of the new level of competence of our Slovenian member.

» To measure aeolian vibrations, i.e., vibrations caused by wind, we have two instruments that have a sensor for moving the conductors in the vertical direction, an anemometer, and a temperature sensor. The application of this instrument allows long-term measurement. It is realized during the normal operation of the transmission line, by determining the parameters and performing wireless data transmission. The analysis of the data obtained in this way provides information on the efficiency of the mounted vibration dampers, as well as the need to select the appropriate vibration damper for an individual field. Of course, we also get information about the lifespan of the conductors, “said Luka Urbanec, project manager.

The investor of this project is the Slovenian transmission system operator ELES, and according to the previously adopted work dynamics, the work of our teams should be completed by mid-July.