Expanding to the UK

News | November 1, 2022

With our proven track record in Europe, we are excited to take our expertise to new markets, including United Kingdom.

Namely, it is about participation in the High Speed ​​2 (HS2) project, an undertaking that is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Great Britain ever. It entails the construction of a network of rail lines for ultra-fast trains that will be connecting major UK cities. As part of this project, EMEL power Ltd, a partnership company between Emico and Elnos Group, is responsible for the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of 46 distribution substations that will serve to power three construction sites.

In the first part of the year, distribution substations for the West Ruislip construction site were manufactured and delivered, while the continuation of the work relates to the construction and delivery of distribution substations for the Atlas Road and Victoria Road Crossover Box construction sites. The following are installed in these distribution substations: transformers, MV plants, LV cabinets, SCADA systems, busbars, HVAC systems for air conditioning and ventilation, and elements of general electrical installation.

The production of distribution substations for the British market brought with it specific challenges, among them the particularly complex harmonization of technical solutions with British standards and the assembly of all elements of the substation in a very limited space. These challenges are successfully handled by our teams. Confirmation of this is certainly the fact that the first manufactured distribution substations successfully passed factory and site tests in Great Britain, and were then successfully assembled on the construction site.