Focused on a common mission – to create healthy and safe conditions for all

News | March 19, 2020

We are sure that you like we are, in the past period closely followed the evolution of the pandemic corona virus (Covide-19) which has jeopardized the health and lives of people globally. These current circumstances put all of in the focus position on the same common task -building conditions of maximum security health above all.

Fully aware of the importance of our responsibilities as an international group for electrical engineering, we in Elnos Group have taken all necessary measures and active participate in preventing the spread of the virus.
Safety and security of our employees, as well as our business partners and the entire community is the most important task on the list of our priorities and our previously well-known basic corporate conviction – safety first and foremost!

With strictly compliance the intercompany rules of Elnos Group and with work, and our employees through personal commitment and respecting our the working rules, seeking restrictive measures imposed by the country in which we operate, all the activities of the company are continued to prevent the spread of the virus Covide-19.

We have made every effort to increase the level of the Group’s awareness of the importance of maintaining hygienic conditions at the maximum level. All employees who felt symptoms of corona virus or have been in contact with the persons in quarantine, or those who are ill, have an obligation to stay home and apply the prescribed conditions for care. Precisely this is the only way to make our life and business environment safe.

At the Group level we are monitoring all information and coordinate our work activities, in order to operating and to be ready for properly respond at all requests of our teams and departments in the company, but also we are here for the needs of the local communities in which we live and work.

One thing is certain, if each of us at this moment responsibly realizes their priorities, we can do together much more to prevent the spread of the virus and protect the health of our environment.
We are convinced that together with patient compliance to all security measures, we are going to come out stronger from this situation.

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