Grid expansion projects: Two transmission lines in Germany

News | October 29, 2021

We are working at two transmission lines within the planned Wahle-Mecklar extra high voltage line that should connect the transformer substation in Wahle bei Braunschweig with the Mecklar bei Ludwigsau transformer substation at a voltage level of 380 kilovolts (kV).

This project is an important step towards expanding the grid structure to increase its capacity and to raise the amount of renewable energy into the grid.

Our role in this project is to perform electrical installation works on one circuit of 380 kV line and one circuit of 110 kV line Wahle-Mecklar. Interestingly, 380 kV lines are built with four conductors per phase. In other markets in which we are active, a maximum of three conductors per phase is being operated. But this is not our first project of this kind in Germany, so our team successfully solved this challenge.

The Wahle-Mecklar extra high voltage transmission line will make a critical contribution to the security of supply and grid stability in Germany.

According to the agreed dynamics, the deadline for the completion of our part of the project is the end of December this year. The investor of the project is the German company “TenneT”, while the main contractor is the company “Cteam- Group”.