HPP Dabar – an undertaking that we have been waiting for a long time

News | May 5, 2023

The construction of the Dabar hydropower plant is the largest and most complex hydropower undertaking in the region. Within this project, our teams were entrusted with the realization of the complete electrical and mechanical phase of the works.

So far, Elnos Group has participated in the realization of many projects through which more than 800 megawatts of capacity in the field of green energy have been installed. However, the construction of the hydroelectric power plant Dabar represents a special challenge for the engineering teams of our company.

The reason for this is very simple – the construction of the HPP Dabar (159.15 MW) is the largest and most complex hydropower project in the region, whose implementation pushed the limits of engineering in our country. HPP Dabar is the first and most important step towards the realization of the decades-old vision of building the “Upper Horizons” megaproject.

HPP Dabar is a complex hydropower system designed to the use hydro potential of river Zalomka and accumulation in the Dabar karst field with annual production at 251,80 GWh. Its construction is a great technical and logistical challenge.

Elnos Group will implement the complete electrical and mechanical phase of the works within the Dabar HPP construction.

Within the construction of HPP Dabar, Elnos Group has been entrusted with the realization of whole stages of works to complete the design, delivery, installation, and commissioning of overall electromechanical equipment in the powerhouse, and electrical equipment in the entire hydropower plant.

The same phases of the works have been assigned to us also in respect of the installation of a 220 kV switchyard, along with 220 kV cable connections between the switchyard and power transformers, as well as building a 2×220 kV transmission line for connection with the power transmission network of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“One thing is certain, this project is among the largest for the Elnos Group in terms of the volume of equipment delivery, the implementation of works, as well as the complexity of the technical solution and implementation. With its implementation, we will gain significant new experience in the construction of large hydropower facilities and the implementation of complex projects, which will further strengthen our professional staff, which already has the multidisciplinary experience,” said Marko Mijić, a member of the Elnos Group’s Technical Affairs Management Board.

“One thing is sure. This project is one of the largest projects for Elnos Group, in terms of the scope of equipment to be delivered, works to be performed, and the overall level of complexity of technical solutions and general implementation. To complete a project such as this one, means to gain significant new knowledge in the construction of large-scale hydropower facilities and implementation of highly complex projects, which will, in turn, additionally strengthen our already multidisciplinary professionals “.